Occupational health surveillance

Convocation letter for the medical examination

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Subject: Health surveillance pursuant to article 41 - Legislative Decree 81/2008 (download the letter in pdf format)

Health surveillance, a measure aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers, requires some mandatory clinical tests and a medical examination for the formulation of a medical fitness opinion, as laid down by art. 41 paragraph 1 letter a) of Legislative Decree 81/2008. For this reason, considering your personal profile of activity and exposure to occupational risk and taking into account the health protocol deemed suitable for assessing the state of health according to the specific risks that has been defined by the University Physician, we kindly invite you to:

► CONDUCT THE CLINICAL TESTS listed in the attached ticket, by the specified date.
Where to undertake the examinations:
Friuli Coram – via T. Ciconi n. 10 in Udine.
Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, from 7.30 am to 10.00 am. No booking needed.
Documents to be delivered: deliver the attached ticket to the Friuli Coram reception, without which it will not be possible to perform the service.
How to prepare for the examinations
Blood test: before undergoing the blood test, it is essential to fast for 8-12 hours.
Urine test: to carry out the urine test, use only the special wide-mouth sterile containers, which can be purchased in pharmacies or supplied by Friuli Coram. It is possible to deliver a pre-filled special container to Friuli Coram; alternatively, the test can be carried out directly on site at Friuli Coram, using the provided container.

Immediately after completing the clinical tests (examinations valid for 90 days)
by calling
  0432 876026 (opening hours on weekdays: 9-11 / 15-17).

at the Practice of the Physician designated by the University, c/o Integrated prevention and protection services
Via del Cotonificio n. 114 (ground floor) – Udine.

If it is your first examination, we kindly remind you to bring and deliver the following to the Physician:
a passport-sized photo; copy of a currently valid tetanus vaccination certificate (and any other vaccinations carried out); copy of the medical records referred to any clinical tests previously conducted.
In case of recent hospitalisation, we kindly ask you to bring and deliver the relevant documentation and medical records to the Physician.

Please note that those who do not undergo the health surveillance, in the manner and within the terms laid down by the health protocol drawn up by the Physician, will not be able to carry out the study, research and teaching activities for which the medical fitness opinion is required.

Anti-Covid security measures
Instructions and safety measures are published online.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification. Kind regards
on behalf of the University Physician

Silvia Pusiol

tel. +39 0432 558883; +39 0432 494010
Via del Cotonificio, 114 - 33100 Udine (UD), Italy